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The temperature of home is the starting point of our efforts.
Busy all day outside, home and busy to satisfy your big and small appetites, is the epitome of each of us.
No matter how busy or tired you are, seeing them eating hot food satisfactorily, you smile with relief.

-HOM WOK-is a brand with such a temperature.

We are committed to making you warmer at home, with more convenient tools, and then acting as an agent of classic kitchenware products from Germany, Britain, and Japan, adding a rich taste to your life.

The temperature at home, start with the taste!

HOM WOK- is a brand such as German Turk forged iron pot, British dexam home life, Japanese Yoshikawa YOSHIKAWA township, Japanese UNILLOY extremely lightweight cast iron pot, Austrian RIESS enamel pot...
The only general agent authorized by the original factory can provide you with the most complete and comprehensive after-sales service!